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Welcome to our inaugural newsletter

Welcome to our inaugural newsletter

Med-TSO is an Association of 20 Mediterranean Transmission System Operators (TSOs) for electricity, operating the High Voltage Transmission Networks of 18 Mediterranean Countries. A “Transmission System Operator” is the entity responsible for developing, operating, ensuring, maintaining the transmission system in a given area and its interconnections with other power systems, and for ensuring the long term ability of the system to meet reasonable demands for the transmission of electricity. Med-TSO is engaged in facing this challenging evolution of the regional power sector by facilitating the creation of a Mediterranean energy market, through the definition of common methodologies, rules, sharing costs, risks and best practices for optimizing the operation of the existing infrastructures and facilitating the development of new ones. Our mission is to operate a Multilateral Cooperation platform among the TSOs, aimed at facilitating the harmonized development of their transmission grids, at creating a secure, flexible and efficient integrated Power System in the Mediterranean and at fostering the creation of an integrated regional electricity market. “Why a Newsletter ? Nowadays the internal and external communication assumes a role of crucial importance within the current global pathway of the digitalization of the economies. Being an Association of companies whose relevant assets are based on electricity network infrastructures with responsibilities of running them, it will be natural the goal of strengthening the communication in our network of technicians, managers, stakeholders and other interested electricity market agents. In this way Med-TSO launches today this newest project of communication with the goal of sharing news about the daily life in our organizations, information about new projects, challenges to be overcome, innovations in operation procedures. We are an Association with a great diversity, characteristic that can leverage the creation of this Newsletter as an added value for all, disseminating regular updates on TSO’s field. We think that this Newsletter can be perceived like a platform where knowledge and information are shared, asking to all Associates their valuable contributions by sending us internal news and suggestions to make this Newsletter an important piece of communication in Med-TSO”. Victor Baptista, acting President of Med-TSO “The biggest Med-TSO challenge is to create a technical platform that, using multilateral regional cooperation, could facilitate the integration between all the Mediterranean Power Systems. Supporting, sharing and promoting accurate information about our actions can contribute to make our role much more effective. Thus, the Newsletter will serve to connect us and spread even more info on Mediterranean energy activities. The Newsletter will complete our current communication offer, which includes the new website, Social Media and others communication tools. So, welcome to this opening newsletter, the first of a series to come. Our current plan is to publish 4 issues per year, always available for free to download or online reading. Next release is planned on next November Please share, visit our website and follow us on Twitter!” Angelo Ferrante, Secretary General

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