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On this page you can find ongoing tenders the Association has launched, as well as eventual future tenders foreseen to carry out our activities. For any further information about our tenders, please write to tenders@med-tso.com


1. Monitoring and Implementation of the Guidelines for the Mediterranean Grid Codes
The objective of the Tender is to propose the Grid Code Guidelines for the key areas of convergence among the involved power systems, namely to improve the integration of Med-TSO Members. Such Guidelines should be focused on the key areas to be identified through a survey and should also include the results of the previous work carried out by Med-TSO in previous projects for developing a common approach to the grid code.

2. MED-TSO web-based database (DBMED) Evolution
The Objective of the Tender is to implement an updated version of the Mediterranean Database in order to fit the new needs of the Association. The selected service provider will be supplied with the code of DBMED in its actual version in order for him to decide the best way to use it.

You may refer to the DBMED overview report https://www.med-tso.com/publications/DBMED_Overview.pdf for a better understanding of the actual capabilities of DBMED.

3. Execution of Network Studies and the assessment of the reinforcement on the Mediterranean transmission grids
The activities addressed by this tender refer to the undertaking of Network Studies on the Mediterranean transmission grids, to be carried out by load-flow calculations, including the calculation of thermal losses.

4. Tailor-made trainings for MED-TSO representatives about “Benefit and measures for international power exchanges”
As part of its Knowledge Sharing program, Med-TSO is soliciting proposals for the organization of tailor-made online courses, dedicated to Med-TSO representatives, aiming at building some common ground that could help in the ongoing discussion at national level, regional level and multi-regional level about the opportunities and framework needed to increase power exchanges between interconnected countries.

5. Modelling training and supports to perform probabilistic adequacy simulations
Med-TSO plans to perform adequacy studies to assess if expected (or planned) availability of supply and transmission infrastructure are sufficient to ensure adequacy. A probabilistic Monte Carlo with Unit Commitment Economic Dispatch (UCED) model is planned to be used, ensuring inter zonal and inter temporal correlation of model variables and considering specificities of assessed geographical perimeter. In particular, the methodology shall follow a Monte Carlo approach to reflect the variability of weather, as well as the randomness of supply and transmission outages.


1. Start implementing a coherent and harmonized set of Technical Rules for managing the existing interconnections
Between 2021 and 2022 Med-TSO aims to support the Maghreb region in setting the framework to increase power exchange developing the following activities:

  1. Benchmarking on similar cases of electricity market and trade platform projects, and definition of the cooperation principles

  2. Definition of requirements, processes and operational agreements needed to allow successfully trading between different countries

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