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With the increasing importance of renewable energy, grids must deal with the variability and intermittency of renewables generation.
Battery storage now emerges as one of the solutions to deal with the issues of high variability of, particularly wind and PV. There are other solutions of which, typically, are greater electrical interconnection across countries and between countries, and even between continents eventually; flexible generation particularly more flexible gas turbines, and demand site management which also provides a great deal of flexibility.
The webinar will be introduced with a comprehensive presentation of storage development in the Mediterranean region, giving an overview on the deployment of technologies and international comparisons.
After this introduction, the first session is dedicated to energy storage valuation and connection to the grid. Since energy arbitrage (being able to sell the energy at high price periods or high value periods) was the rational for the pumped hydro capacity developments, we can see that is not sufficient and most of battery storage incomes would come from providing ancillary services capacity and frequency response.
The first day will end with the presentation of a real implementation experience in the Mediterranean Region with the role of grid connected storage in the Canary Islands - isolated systems.
Second day will open with the importance of Energy Storage Systems for the integration of Renewables in the grid, expert presenting how the advancements in storage solutions can help to address the variable and intermittent nature of renewable energy and warns that this will become increasingly relevant during the energy transition.
Later, experts will present storage development from the point of view of the Transmission System Operator, focussing in particular on grid connection issue. The program will end with a zoom on controls and automation.

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